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Sequoia Park Zoo

Sequoia Park Zoo, W Street, Eureka, CA, USA

Tuesday - Sunday: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday: Closed. Closed Thanksgiving & Christmas



Sequoia Park Zoo has some neat animals and unique features. 

The Sequoia Park Zoo may be located in the small, rural, coastal town of Eureka. But, it is the perfect size to visit with kids where you can actually see and do everything in a few hours. Larger zoos often feel like I have to skip something or cut the route short because after 3-4 hours, we're tired, hot, hungry, or all of the above. Thankfully, it never is really hot in Eureka. We lived in the area for years, and it hit 70 degrees once and never above. (There have been a couple of high-temperature exceptions since then.) And, they offer food.

The Sequoia Park Zoo by itself is an easy, light, and leisurely half-day adventure for the family. If you add on lunch at the Ecos Cafe at the zoo, add on the Sequoia Park playground and trails next door, and the flower garden, you've got yourself a solid, packed half-day adventure. Our 2.5-year-old walked the entire zoo with a skywalk, visited the garden and playground, and completed the paved trail through the park without a stroller. This is another benefit of the Sequoia Park Zoo being smaller than most other zoos. It is more walkable for small legs. The zoo was opened in 1907, and It is the oldest zoo in California and the smallest accredited zoo in the nation. 

One of the local's favorite exhibits is the red pandas. I like the chickens in the barnyard area personally because they're free-range. Aside from the animal exhibits, there is a relatively new Redwood Skywalk. The Skywalk ascends above the redwood forest floor into the canopy of the tallest trees in the world. It is partially ADA accessible. However, strollers are not allowed. There are nine platforms forming the pillars of the redwood skywalk. Then five adjoining bridges are ADA accessible, whil4 the other four bridges are not ADA accessible. There is a turnaround point for you midway into the skywalk for a safe descent if you do just the ADA-accessible portion. The non-ADA-accessible portion is comprised of suspension bridges. It's an amazing view of the old-growth and mature second-growth redwood trees. However, the suspension bridges may make some people nervous, like our oldest child.

Nevertheless, it is included in the admission price, so feel free to hop on it during your visit. It rarely is closed, but it can be shut down for windy conditions. It is the longest skywalk in the western United States and is just under 0.25 miles to the end and back.

The zoo does not currently offer online or advanced ticketing. Admission must be purchased at the zoo's ticket booth on your visit. There is half-price admission for members of most other zoos. Service animals are the only animals allowed at the zoo. And masks are recommended during your visit and required when visiting the spider monkey & river otter viewing areas, regardless of vaccination status.

The expansive coyote and bear exhibit is coming soon, and part of the exhibit will also be visible from the Redwood Skywalk, which is directly adjacent to the exhibit.  

After the zoo, stop off at the Ecos Cafe for lunch or a sweet treat and check out the gift shop. Then, head over to the playground and short trail at Sequoia Park next door and the flower garden on the opposite side of the zoo. All of these attractions are accessible from W Street. So, you never have to move your parked car. In addition, there is a sidewalk along W Street and a crosswalk, so it is very safe to walk with your kids.


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Jessie O’Kane
I moved from Northern California to Oregon in 2021. I have three girls, ages 5, 3, and 1. I was an elementary school teacher before I became a full time adventuring mama. My husband and I are foodies and we live in the forest. We enjoy exploring the Pacific Northwest.
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