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St. Peter's Village

3471 St. Peters Road, Elverson PA 19470


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Located about an hour northwest from Philadelphia, historic St. Peter's Village is a picturesque village of artisan shops and eateries.  It was founded as a company town in the 19th Century at the falls of French Creek.  Behind the charming main street is a rushing stream with huge boulders perfect for scrambling over.  For the littler kids, many of the big rocks are located on the banks, so they can have the fun of jumping from rock to rock without the danger of falling into the rushing water.  

At one end of the main street is the St. Peter's Inn, with a large outdoor patio for outdoor eating overlooking the stream, and next to it is a bakery filled with delicious treats if you just want a snack.  The bakery has a great deck in the back if you want to take a rest.  You can park by the Inn, but we recommend parking at the opposite end in the big gravel lot so you can hike or scramble over the rocks first, then take a stroll through the town to grab a bite to eat or a coffee after your adventure.  

There are hiking trails from the parking lot and you can access the stream and boulders.  The hiking trails are not marked though, so bring a GPS or stay close to the stream as your guide.  If you follow the stream and rushing waters, you will also come upon some great swimming holes, including one with a rope swing.  The biggest one can get crowded, but if you continue a little further down, you might happen upon a better spot. We recommend wearing water shoes when you're paddling or swimming!  

There is also a hidden gem in the form of a vintage pinball gallery, the Village Arcade.  Its located in the first building after the gravel parking lot at the far end from the Inn. Games are a quarter on vintage pinball machines and it's an excellent spot to spend an hour.  Opening times can be a bit unpredictable, but it is usually open on the weekends.


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