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Ulrich Gerber Playground

14730 NW Shackelford Rd, Portland, OR 97229, USA

Dawn to dusk



Ulrich Gerber Park is a fun, little, unique playground, perfect for a pit stop as you walk, run, or bike the nearby trails! 

The Bethany neighborhood is not only one of the cutest newer neighborhoods sprouting in North Portland but it also boasts tons of miles of trails and fun parks along the way! Ulrich Gerber Playground is one of the many parks this neighborhood offers to families. I wouldn’t consider this a destination playground but it is definitely on my go-to list if I am stroller running or biking and scootering with my family!

The playground is smaller. It consists of one structure that is pretty unique. It has several spots to climb, a spot to spin, and a cool sphere you can play in! The playground is on turf ground, perfect for your not quite walkers or new walkers! There are no restrooms and the park is close to a street that is not very busy. It is right off the Yoshihara trail (it shows up as part of the Westside Regional Trail on Google Maps) and is close to the Rock Creek Trail. This park is perfect for making a day of park hopping as it is close to Orchid Park and the amazing Bethany Creek Park. It is also a short walk from Kaiser Woods Natural Area and Kaiser Woods Park. On a beautiful day or a rainy day, this park and these trails still offer a beautiful view! Just remember to bring a muddy buddy on rainy days!


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Thoughtfully captured by:
Karrie Escobar
Mom. Realtor. Adventurer. Karrie (Kahdi) is a native Californian who loves the forest, the beach, surfing, hiking, enough to brave all the rain in Portland, Oregon. Finding adventures with her toddler or playing just about any sport with her family and friends is how she likes to spend her free time. While she spent most of her career in education she transitioned to real estate to help busy families build generational wealth and reach their goals through home ownership! She knows the suburbs as well as she knows downtown. From the cutest coffee shops and the most toddler friendly parks to the neighborhood with the best views- Karrie knows the area and wants to share her knowledge and outings with the Happyly family!
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