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Wissahickon Neighbors Park & Playground

Hermit Street & Terrace Street, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Dawn until dusk


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Wissahickon Neighbors Park and Playground in Manayunk will have kids entertained until it is time to go home. 

A top feature at the Wissahickon Neighbors Park and Playground is definitely the splash pad area during the summertime.  It typically does not turn on until after 10:00am, so plan your arrival time accordingly during the summer if this is a feature your kids hope to enjoy.  Simply push the silver button near the splash pad and let your kids splish and splash through the summer heat. Another top feature of this specific playground is that the flooring is rubber to keep those little kids just a little more safe while they climb and slide.  There is a full basketball court for the older kids to enjoy and a swing set.  Feeling nostalgic? There is a hopscotch area on the side of the basketball court for you to teach your kids the simple yet fun game.  Unfortunately, there are no restrooms so please plan accordingly.  There is no parking lot, but you can find street parking surrounding the park. Depending, on the day and time of your visit you may spend some time trying to find a parking spot, as it can be a high traffic area with the housing and other businesses.  

Do the parents or grandparents need some caffeine to keep up with the youngsters? Don’t fret, there is a wonderful coffee shop and bakery half a block away on Terrace street called Terrace Street Bakery and Café.  Bonus of the bakery is that there is a small children’s corner with some games and books for them enjoy.   


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