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Ali'i Kula Lavender Farm

Ali'i Kula Lavender, Waipoli Road, Kula, HI, USA

10am - 4pm Friday - Monday; Closed Tuesday - Thursday


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Ali'i Kula Lavender Farm offers stunning views and fresh flowers on the slopes of Haleakala!

This is the perfect spot to visit after you take in the views from the summit at Haleakala. We stopped here as we made the trek down the volcano after viewing the sunrise and it was a welcome detour where we could stretch our legs before returning to our car. 

There is a minimal entrance fee that can be replaced with an in-kind food donation. Once you arrive, park in the dirt lot outside of the farm. Look up, and you'll be lucky to see hang gliders soaring nearby. The farm has paths throughout the grounds and offers scavenger hunts for young kids to inspire their explorations of the farm. Pick up a scavenger hunt at the gift shop on your way in, and make sure to stop there on your way out to take home a souvenir from this wonderful place. 

The farm is a peaceful spot with incredible views. A large variety of plants, not just lavender, grow here. Take your time to walk the grounds and take in all of the scenery. The farm's staff practice mindfulness and Aloha. You'll get a sense of that while you stroll the grounds, with a sense of peace washing over you. Food from outside the premises is not allowed on the farm, so pack water for a hot day, and make sure to eat elsewhere beforehand.

Make it a point to visit this spot and learn all about the legacy that was left behind here. The employees can provide insight into this history, and they will share it with love for the work they do there. 


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