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Dickson Azalea Park Hike

100 Rosearden Drive, Orlando, FL, USA

7am -830pm



Dickson Azalea Park is an urban garden found in downtown Orlando with beautiful hiking trails in an urban setting. 

The park is found in the heart of downtown, leaving the urban jungle and heading towards suburban peacefulness.  One entrance to the park sits across the street from Langford Park, found off Central Avenue, so you can use their parking lot.  Otherwise, you can find street parking in and around the area.  If want to start at a point with restrooms readily accessible, then Langford Park will be the spot! 

The hike is a very easy one, more attractive for its scenery and serenity than the actual extent of the hike. You'll find that as you're walking the park, there are spots that will beckon professional pictures; or may even find a photoshoot in progress.  The accessibility and beauty of this park make it a favorite spot for families and photographers alike! 

The round-trip hike is less than a mile and will take you over several bridges over streams, up stairs that lead to nowhere, and get you to a stage in the middle of the park, surrounded by benches.  It almost seems like the perfect place for kids to get lost in their summer adventures, playing make-believe and putting on performances for each other.  For you, it will be an easy, family-friendly hike, the perfect spot for a picnic, and a great place to see lots of Florida vegetation in one spot.  Once done, head back to Langford and enjoy time at the playground and continue a short hike there! 

Looking for a place to eat? Head back down Central Avenue where you will run into a slew of places to eat in Thornton Park, including Graffiti Junktion or Anthony's Pizza, both kid-friendly.  If you want to pack a picnic before, you'll find a Publix Supermarket on Central to stock up on all the goodies to bring with you! 


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Thoughtfully captured by:
Priscilla Walker
Pri Walker is based out of Orlando, Florida, where she indulges in all the simple joys that life has to offer. She, her husband, and their two children are avid world travelers, fun seekers, and always yearning to learn through the experiences they share!
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