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Gatorland Park

Gatorland, South Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL, USA

10am - 5pm


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Gatorland is Orlando's oldest attraction featuring Florida's native residents - and lots of them!

If you've made your way down to the Sunshine State and have yet to see a gator, this is place will guarantee you leave with that check off your bucket list. The park opened in 1949, well before Disney had claimed its fame here. It was originally formed as the Florida Wildlife Institute, featuring alligators and snakes. It soon became more than that!

Upon arrival, you will see a small parking lot outside the iconic giant alligator mouth that welcomes visitors into Gatorland, with overflow parking found as directed at the back of the park. The park itself features a variety of animals, from reptiles to birds to farm animals.  The park features walking paths to areas that the alligators call home, allowing you to see them in their native environment. But you'll also be able to enter a bird aviary to feed feathered friends and a petting zoo to visit with farm animals.

The main attraction here, the hundreds of alligators you will see, are more than just on display. There are a few shows that feature these giants, with handlers wrangling them or showing their ability to jump. But it is more than just a spectacle. There are also opportunities to learn more about these animals as you watch them interact with their handlers and better understand them. Schools and educational groups are often seen in the park as an opportunity for children to first-hand get to (safely) learn about some of Florida's native creatures. 

Pack a snack or lunch to enjoy on a variety of picnic tables.  There are a few onsite locations to purchase snacks or a meal - https://www.gatorland.com/plan-your-visit/food/


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