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Houston Park and Playground

900 Grakyn Lane, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Dawn until dusk


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Houston Park has a playground, a splash pad and two different playground structures with rubber flooring.

Make sure you bring water shoes and an extra pair of clothes on a hot day so your kids can run and splash in the splash pad that Houston Park offers.  There’s a button to start the water on the side of the pavilion, the water does have a timer so you may need to hit the button again if the water stops spraying. There are a handful of different water spray structures so on a busy day children can be spread out.  You may want to bring some water toys to increase on the entertainment options with the splash pad.  When the kids needs a break from the water there are two different playground structures for different ages right next to the playground.  The tot lot area has a fence all the way around with only one opening for entrance and exit.  There are bucket swings also in the tot lot area.  There is rubber flooring where the playground is for added safety for the children. 

There is also a hockey rink, soccer field, and basketball courts.  There is no parking lot but plenty of street parking.  There are public restrooms in the pavilion structure next to the splash pad.  There are benches for parents to sit, and for kids to have their snack or lunch.  There is also plenty of green space around the park to have a picnic or just to take a break from all the fun being had. 


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