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Jelleff Pool

3265 S St NW

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 11am-8pm, Saturday & Sunday 12pm-6pm, Closed Wednesdays.


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A public pool in Georgetown providing outdoor fun for everyone.

Jelleff Pool is one of DC's best pools for anyone looking to spend time outside in the warmer months. The pool boasts night and weekend access, perfect for hot July - August days. I'm truly impressed and grateful for this public space. It's a testament to tax dollars that positively impact the community. 

The staff is super friendly and the lifeguards are engaged and seem to be enjoying their jobs. Many of them hang out in the water in-between stand shifts while kids climb on them. Often, they also lead games, such as sharks and minnows.

Suitable For All Ages

For pre-swimmers, there's a 3-foot shallow end of the pool with slow walk-in stairs and a bench that spans half of the pool for sitting or letting little one walk, stand, and enjoy some added independence. Older kids, ages 5-12, can participate in the pool's swim team (at no cost for DC residents), which takes place three nights per week in the summer.

The pool is easy to access from the top side of Georgetown and is just minutes from Glover Park as well as Cathedral Heights. It is also just steps from Safeway and Starbucks in case you want to grab a coffee or tea while your kids are in swim team.

This pool is super! It has so many family-friendly elements that, if you are there without little ones, they may go completely unnoticed!

Georgetown Neighborhood Library is close by, Volta Park Playground is a ten-minute walk, and the beauty of Dumbarton Oaks is less than a five-minute walk from the pool.

Patisserie Poupon is an excellent spot for a sweet treat before or after and &Pizza is just over half a mile down Wisconsin toward Georgetown.

This pool is a spectacular place to cool off and get some exercise in the warm months!


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Thoughtfully captured by:
Caitlin Iseler
Caitlin Iseler, happyly founder and CEO, was born in New York and is one of eight children. Her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving and the chance to sit at one table with her favorite 40 people. Caitlin, her outdoor loving husband, Thomas, and daughter, Hanah, live in Virginia Beach. She is also blessed to be a bonus mom to 2 incredible humans, Max & Elizabeth. Being a mom has always been something she dreamt of and it brings her joy beyond measure. Before starting happyly, Caitlin spent 15 years working in executive search with technology companies, most recently with Korn Ferry. In what seems like a lifetime ago, she attended the University of Virginia and was a member of the National & ACC Championship Teams, a gift that keeps giving.
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