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Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, Space Commerce Way, Merritt Island, FL, USA

9 AM - 5 PM (except December 26 - 30 9 AM - 6 PM); Closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas


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Kennedy Space Center Is a Not to Be Missed Attraction if You're Visiting the Space Coast! 

The Visitor Complex is home to NASA's launch site and relics from the past, along with more interactive, hands-on experiences and previews of the future. It is great for little and big kids (and adults alike) with big space dreams. Kennedy Space Center is located where the launches happen, so you can't help but feel a sense of pride to be around rockets and people that have literally been out of this world! NASA runs the Visitor Complex and is completely visitor funded, so there will be a ticket to get in (with a multi-day or annual admission option as well). But once in, you will have access to the entire complex, with the exception of a few add-on experiences.  

You'll be beckoned into the park among the Rocket Garden, towering right beyond the entrance, where you can walk among rockets that have formally been to space. Make sure you stop by when there is a narrated walk (listed on the daily guide), as it will allow you to hear the stories of each and have an expert help answer questions!

We recommend getting on a bus tour that will actually take you to the Command Center for the Apollo missions. This is included in your tickets and will allow you access to an exclusive area. You will pass by the Vehicle Assembly Building, hear about the acres of land surrounding it (designated Blast Zone that is the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge), and see current rocket sites for the projects that continue to take us into the future! Once you're at Apollo/Saturn V Center, you'll get an experience like no other at a place that saw so much history! 

Once you board back to the main complex, the rest of the attractions can be done at your discretion - but we recommend planning your day around any scheduled showtimes and any attractions you want to see. The orange fuselage towering over the Shuttle attraction will certainly catch your eye as you exit the bus, and from there, you can visit the Space Shuttle Atlantis on display. Planet Play is a great spot to take a quick break, especially if your little ones need to get some energy out. It is a three-story play place designed just for them. And for the parents, check out the top level for a coffee/wine/beer bar to relax at as your kids play on planets! 

Kennedy Space Center is best enjoyed with at least six hours of your day committed to visiting. The park is typically open 9a-5p or 6p (depending on the season), and a full day will maximize your experience. You can bring in food to the park within a soft-shelled cooler, but there are various places to stop and eat as well. And make sure that while you're at a souvenir shop, you pick up some freeze-dried fruit or ice cream to treat yourself to some out-of-this-world food!


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