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Kids Cove Playground at Mount Trashmore

Kids Cove Playground, Edwin Drive, Virginia Beach, VA, USA

Sunrise to Sunset


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Kids Cove Playground is located at Mount Trashmore, which is an amazing park in and of itself.

You have the option to go for a jog, take a bike ride, visit the skate park, take the dogs for a walk, and/or visit the playground. It is one of the best parks around!

The playground is fairly newly updated and has a soft, cushiony rubber bottom, which is a nice change from wood chips or mulch. The great thing about this playground is that there are several different areas to play on. It is probably one of the largest playgrounds in the Virginia Beach area. The main structure has a bunch of different slides, ladders, walkways, and instruments to play (like plastic bongos and shakers). There are lots of different ladders and climbing things too!

The swing area has a therapeutic cradle swing, several big kid swings, and some baby swings. The area next to the giant play structure has lots of different climbing options. My kids love the rock structures! There are so many different things to play on, that it is suitable for all ages. There are benches located all along the perimeter of the playground, as well as several picnic tables and covered shelters to take a little break from the sun. Kids Cove is ADA compliant and accommodates all children!

With Town Center being just a few minutes away you have several options to grab some food at one of the local restaurants afterward or to get in a quick shopping trip.


Parking Restrooms Good for All Ages Stroller-friendly Playground ADA-Friendly
Thoughtfully captured by:
Veronica Herkins
Getting outside and exploring the world is something Veronica is extremely passionate about! She is thrilled to be a part of the Happyly Team and helping to bring those adventures to other families. As an educator, Veronica has seen the importance of allowing children the opportunity to interact daily with outdoor spaces. It helps to foster their independence, creativity, and problem solving skills. Being a member of a military family, Veronica has had the privilege of discovering adventures in many different states. Having most recently moved from Hawaii to Virginia Beach, she and her family are constantly searching for the best hikes, parks, farms, and local restaurants! When she is not hunting for their next fun adventure, you can find Veronica teaching or taking a yoga class, relaxing at the beach, or curled up with a good cup of coffee and a great book!
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