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Mathews Park and Playground

205 East Hazel Street, Orlando, FL 32804, USA

Sunrise - Sunset



Mathews Park and Playground is a perfect community playground during a visit to College Park. 

The park is located right outside of Winter Park, which lies just north of Orlando - in the College Park neighborhood.  The neighborhood has many remnants of Orlando of old, so is the perfect place to come make a visit!  You'll want to walk Edgewater Drive to get a feel of Orlando of old, which is just a mile away from Mathews Park. 

On arrival to Mathews Park, you'll notice that it is in the middle of a neighborhood, and that parking and facilities do not exist.  So you may want to make your way to Edgewater Drive or Princeton Street for a bathroom break before coming.  Either major road is lined with restaurants and shops, great places to come back after too!

Once paralled on the side streets (just be mindful of driveways), the playground is a beacon for kids of all ages!  Its one of the few in town that have climbing structures, particularly to the height of this one!  It is surround by oversized tables and benches and one small pavilion if choosing to escape the sun.  Right next to the playground you'll find a basketball court, and a little way down a baseball field - a perfect community park with features that can bring the neighborhood out!

Need a bite to eat?  You can enjoy this park with a picnic - there's a nearby iconic Publix Supermarket on Edgewater Drive that will take you back in time!  Otherwise there are great dining options nearby, including Infusion Tea and The Soda Fountain and Doghouse, depending on what kind of treat you're looking for! 


Good for All Ages Playground Stroller-friendly Covered Pavilion Playground Instruments Picnic Tables Baseball Basketball
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Priscilla Walker
Pri Walker is based out of Orlando, Florida, where she indulges in all the simple joys that life has to offer. She, her husband, and their two children are avid world travelers, fun seekers, and always yearning to learn through the experiences they share!
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