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Maymont Park Hike

Maymont Children’s Farm, Westover Road, Richmond, VA, USA

Daily: 10AM - 7PM


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Hike Maymont Park: Follow this paved trail that leads to creek!

To begin your adventure, park in the lot in front of the Children's Farm. Keep in mind the gate to the parking lot does not open until just before 10 AM, and that is your only access to the park. From the parking lot, check out the lovely pollinator garden on your left, and enjoy the large trees just in front of the barn. You may choose to feed the goats before taking your hike. If you would like to feed the animals, you must purchase food tokens at the machine near the vending machines right in front of the entrance.

To begin this hike, pass the children's farm, and instead of continuing straight down the paved trail to the horses, go left, towards the statue of children walking on a log. From here, continue straight down the paved path. It is super peaceful and a popular place for birding. Be sure to check out the incredible tree that hangs over the path. You will see and pass the bison enclosure on your left. Then, you will come to the Stone Bridge. The beautiful creek will be on your right. The water is immaculately clean, so this creek is barefoot-safe. There is a geocache hidden right around here, so if you loves geocaching, be sure to check it out! 

The entire pathis paved so it's a relatively easy walk. There's a bench by the creek, perfect for taking a snack or water break. The open space above the creek is a great picnic option, so pack a blanket to take advantage of that space.

While Maymont Park is known for its Nature Center and Children's Farm, it is also an aboretum! There are plenty of opportunities for nature exploration throughout the expansive park. This adventure lasts about 2.5 hours with kids, so be sure to pack snacks and water for your little ones. Additionally, there is water play involved, so pack a towel, water shoes, and change of clothes as well. And, while most of this outing is in the shade, you should still bring sunscreen for the parts of the trail that don't have the tree shade canopy!


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Thoughtfully captured by:
Lindsay Garrison
Lindsay Garrison is a Richmond, Virginia based mom to two young children. A graduate of Chesterfield Schools and Randolph-Macon College, Lindsay is proud to call Richmond home. In the years prior to planning activities and outings with her own children, she was a French teacher. During her tenure she earned accolades for her creative teaching style and ability to connect with her students. She now applies the skills she learned when she was planning student trips to France, to her own family adventures. She can’t wait to take her own children to France one day!
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