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Minnesota's Largest Candy Store

Minnesota's Largest Candy Store, Johnson Memorial Drive, Jordan, MN, USA



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A giant candy store with full wall murals, favorite character statues, and other local goods to eat.

Every kid dreams of entering a house full of candy. And boy, does this shop deliver on that!

Your journey here will begin by feeling like you’re driving the wrong way. The highway makes it seem like you’re driving into farmland. And you are! The store actually began as a roadside apple stand. But don’t let its history fool you. Once you get close, this giant yellow building is impossible to miss. Complete with yellow fences and a bright yellow silo, this golden mecca of candy will draw you in.

There is a large gravel parking lot with ample space for all visitors to use. A paved pathway (bright yellow of course) leads the way to the front door through the middle of the lot. On the way in, there are crafts and art from local artisans, a display of the biggest puzzle ever to be completed by a Minnesotan, and a mural depicting the time a car crashed into the candy store and exploded chocolate everywhere.

The double-doored entrance has an adult door and a special kids’ door so even walking into the building is fun!

You’ll immediately smell the fresh-baked pies and fudge, but don’t pick these things up yet. (Grab them on your way to the register so the pie will still be warm.) Start with letting your kids' mouths open in awe as they look around at all of the décor. Life-sized superheroes, Disney princesses, and even the Baby Shark family are scattered around this big building. There’s also a Harry Potter hallway and a Police Call box that may or may not travel through time.

Speaking of traveling through time, they only accept cash or check. No credit/debit cards are allowed.

But it's worth dusting off your pocketbook, the rows are filled with nuts, popcorn, cheeses, crackers, meats, pastas, international sodas, honeys, fancy syrups and dressings... 

Oh, and there’s candy too.


Restrooms Good for All Ages Stroller-friendly crafts and food vendors
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Rachael Smith
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