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Mount Trashmore Park

Mount Trashmore Park, Edwin Drive, Virginia Beach, VA, USA

Sunrise to Sunset


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Mount Trashmore Park spans 165 acres and has playgrounds, a skate park, and multi-use paths!

Built on top of a landfill in the early 70s, Mount Trashmore is a very special park! It is a sister park to Haginodai Park in Japan and was converted by compacting layers of solid waste and clean soil. It is the nation's first landfill park!

There are two lakes, Lake Windsor and Lake Trashmore. You can take your kayak out at Lake Windsor or go fishing in the freshwater Lake Trashmore! The kids will love the expansive playgrounds with swings and tons of climbing structures. There is a rubber flooring and it is ADA compliant for all children to enjoy! The restrooms and water fountains are located by the playgrounds. There are also several picnic tables and covered shelters to have a picnic lunch or a quick snack.

The shared-use path is super popular for running, jogging, strollers, bikes, and walking. There is a huge painted staircase and the kids will love running up the “mountains.” There are several outdoor fitness stations located along the trail to get a little extra workout in.

The skate park is pretty impressive with a two-level half pipe, grind rails, and boxes. It was created for skateboards, inline skaters, and BMX bikers to enjoy. There is also a competition-sized vert ramp next to the skate park.

Located just a few minutes from Virginia Beach’s Town Center, you can get some food after your outing at one of the many restaurants such as Three Notch’d Brewing and Craft Kitchen, Tupelo Honey, or CAVA.


Parking Restrooms Good for All Ages Playground Stroller-friendly Admission Free Fishing Skate Park
Thoughtfully captured by:
Veronica Herkins
Getting outside and exploring the world is something Veronica is extremely passionate about! She is thrilled to be a part of the Happyly Team and helping to bring those adventures to other families. As an educator, Veronica has seen the importance of allowing children the opportunity to interact daily with outdoor spaces. It helps to foster their independence, creativity, and problem solving skills. Being a member of a military family, Veronica has had the privilege of discovering adventures in many different states. Having most recently moved from Hawaii to Virginia Beach, she and her family are constantly searching for the best hikes, parks, farms, and local restaurants! When she is not hunting for their next fun adventure, you can find Veronica teaching or taking a yoga class, relaxing at the beach, or curled up with a good cup of coffee and a great book!
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