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Pocahontas State Park: Playground

Pocahontas State Park, State Park Road, Chesterfield, VA, USA




Play and picnic at the large playground at Pocahontas State Park1

Pocahontas State Park is the largest state park in all of Virginia! There is always something new to explore and discover at this gorgeous place. One of the treasures of the park is the large playground, set directly in the center of the park. The parking lot makes the playground easy to access, even with strollers. Simply park in the large lot in front of the playground. The restrooms are in the small building between the playground and Aquatic Center, a very short walk.

When you arrive at Pocahontas, you must pay a parking fee: it is $7 to park on weekdays, and $10 on weekends (Oct-May). Alternatively, you can use a receipt from REI for free state park admission. Once you get to the playground, be sure to take advantage of the many picnic tables and benches surrounding the play area. If it is a sunny, hot day, enjoy your picnic or snacks in the nearby large covered pavilion. 

The playground has a mulch base. It also has two tunnels, perfect for climbing through, playing hide and seek, or if your kiddos are very brave, they may even climb on top of the tunnels! There are also a few slides. One has 3 slides, side by side, that my kids love to go down with friends. There's also an adorable "ice cream shop" window/station, where kids can imagine they're working at a creamery. My kids love to "take my order" at this window and make me ice cream out of mulch. So much for their little imaginations here! While there are no swings, if your kids really want to swing, you can walk or drive to the boat ramp, where there are a couple big kid and baby swings. 


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