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Pools of 'Ohe'o/Pipiwai Trail

ʻOheʻo Gulch, Pipiwai Trail, Hana, HI, USA

Sunrise - Sunset



On the opposite side of Haleakala, the Pipiwai Trail offers a beautiful hike to a waterfall that will take your breath away.  

You've made it past Hana and this may be your last stop before turning around to make your way back home! You're in the Kipahulu District of Haleakala National Park, and your park entrance is valid for three consecutive days. So you can use it to revisit Halekala, this time from the Summit area. Use your receipt to regain entry or your America the Beautiful National Park Pass.

Park near the visitor center, look around and get ready to hike. This is the last stop for a restroom break as there are no facilities on the trail.

While you're here, make it a point to get your kids their Junior Ranger badges. Not familiar with the program? National Parks around the U.S. offer booklets and activities for kids to complete while visiting the parks. Once complete, find a ranger, review your activities and receive an official badge after a swearing-in ceremony. It has been one of our kids' favorite activities while we've been visiting the parks around our nation!

This area is famous for the Pools of 'O'heom and the incredible view from the 'O'heo Gulch. The hike is a four-mile round trip, and though it sounds tedious, it is worth it. Just make sure you're ready, physically and mentally, for a hike this long! It was the most significant stop of our trip, where we spent two hours hiking and exploring. After that, you will get to walk through a bamboo forest that is unlike anything you've seen before, and you will end up at a breathtakingly massive waterfall.

Since it is a strenuous hike, make sure you're prepared if you're hiking with little ones. The terrain wasn't difficult, but it was long. So wear the proper gear, including bathing suits, and bring a carrier for young kids who can still fit if you can wear them. Pack lots of water and snacks, and schedule enough time for the return hike, as you want to be back on the Road to Hana before sunset. 

Need a bite to eat? Grab something before the hike or on the way back to Hana! There are roadside stops and food trucks, but this is the main spot to readily find a bite before or after your trek. 



Parking Good for All Ages Hiking Waterfall
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