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Southern Hills Farm and Playground

Southern Hill Farms, Schofield Road, Clermont, FL, USA

11am - 4pm


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Southern Hills Farm is a U-Pick Farm offering seasonal fruits just west of Walt Disney World! 

Fun fact, you'll see some of the Disney hotel rooftops in the distance as you make your way down the dirt road to Southern Hills Farm. The farm offers seasonal picking, including blueberries, peaches, and strawberries, along with sunflowers and zinnias in winter months and pumpkins in the fall!

There is free parking on-site, right night to the farm's fields, but during certain events (notably their Fall Festival), there will be a parking charge. More details on events and pricing can be found on their Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/southernhillfarms/.

Upon entering, you will pass rows of peach trees and fields of blueberries in harvest, where you'll walk towards the main buildings. There you will find a covered gazebo used for the fall season and pumpkin display. Alongside it, you'll find a huge covered playground with equipment for the kids to climb, jump and play in. A covered picnic area sits right across it, where parents can watch their kids under shade or grab a rooftop seat for total views of the farm. There are lawn games set up near the air-conditioned restrooms, and just beyond that, you'll find one more picnic area with food offerings. You can choose to pack a lunch in a small cooler to enjoy or make a purchase from one of their food trucks, including coffee, beer, and wine for sale. Please don't leave without trying their blueberry cobbler and blueberry lemonade or taking home a pack of seasonal donuts! Also, make a stop in the store to purchase local merchandise, including bath products, jams and salsa, and candles! 

Depending on the festival, there will be a carnival and games area set up to enjoy. It will either be pay per use or a per person surcharge due to the capacity of the event (typically reserved for Fall Festival). The strawberry and flower fields are just beyond this general area, where you will see that farm stretches on for acres. So come early, pick fruit, try some favorite food items, let the kids play, and then take home a souvenir from the gift shop! 




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