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The Soda Fountain and Doghouse

The Soda Fountain, Edgewater Drive, Orlando, FL, USA

11am to 10pm



The combo restaurant, the Soda Fountain and Doghouse, feels like a dip back in time to soda fountains and lunch shoppes, and is a staple to classic Edgewater Drive!  

Just north of downtown Orlando and outside Winter Park you will find the College Park neighborhood, which in some parts feels like a step back in time. This roadside restaurant is found along Edgewater Drive, the main road that will take you back in time to Orlando of old with preserved buildings and a timeless feel. The Soda Fountain is an ice cream shop, connected to the Doghouse, a hot dog restaurant - and a great combination if you ask us! There is a small parking lot attached to the building, but you'll securely find street parking up front or along one of the neighborhood streets.  

The Doghouse is just as the name suggests - a hot dog lovers' heaven, with a variety of options to choose from and combos to create!  We recommend checking out the Family Meal Deal if you're with at least 2 adults and 2 kids - it will provide you with all the staples you're looking for but comes at great savings!  You can't go wrong with anything your order, but we do recommend making sure you save room for tots (and ice cream, of course)! 

The Soda Fountain looks and feels like an old ice cream shop - right down to the checkered floors and upgraded with a chalkboard wall - a hit for kids of all ages!  The prices here are reasonable and the selection minimal which makes choosing a treat easy!  Walking away without purchasing a souvenir goodie might be hard!  For adults, you can also order an adult version of a milkshake if you're up to treat yourself - and take the time to stroll the Drive after to window shop! 

Pair this with a visit to Mathews Park to play outside or nearby Orlando Science Center for a great taste of some of what Orlando has to offer! 


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Thoughtfully captured by:
Priscilla Walker
Pri Walker is based out of Orlando, Florida, where she indulges in all the simple joys that life has to offer. She, her husband, and their two children are avid world travelers, fun seekers, and always yearning to learn through the experiences they share!
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