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Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, North Arthur Ashe Boulevard, Richmond, VA, USA

10 AM - 5 PM


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The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is Full of Inspiration, Beauty, and Delicious food!

We love to visit the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. It is such a great activity for sweltering, hot summer days, rainy days, or getting out of the house on the coldest winter days!  With almost 50,000 works of art there is so much to see and do. The exhibits and collections are not only awe-inspiring and beautiful, but educational and an opportunity to learn more about the people and history of the world. The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts also offers tons of programs for adults, educators, families, and teens. They offer year round art classes and workshops in photography, drawing, painting, pottery, creative writing and even yoga. It is definitely worth checking out!

There are two food choices available at the museum. For a quick bite, the cafe offers pastry items, as well as lunch items, sodas, juice, coffee, and tea. We love to enjoy our delicious treats in the sculpture garden. There are many tables and chairs in shaded areas. If you are looking for a more formal dining experience, the Amuse Restaurant offers Sunday Brunch, daily lunch, and dinner (Wednesday - Friday). It is a great spot to hang out with friends or have a drink at the bar.

For those with kiddos I print one of the many scavenger hunts on the museum's website to keep my children engaged, The scavenger hunts are free and can be found under "visit" -- "for families" -- "resource backpack." The hunts my children loved best are: Shape Hunt and Build It!  We often use the guiding questions on the scavenger hunts to help us learn more and make even more discoveries about various art pieces. We also usually bring art supplies, like paints, paintbrushes, and blank canvases to create our own masterpieces in this gorgeous space.

We tend to park on the street in front of the church, or garage parking is $6 and because of the museums expansive size, it never really feels crowded.  The museum has worked hard to make it accessible to everyone. Visit their website for more details.


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Lindsay Garrison
Lindsay Garrison is a Richmond, Virginia based mom to two young children. A graduate of Chesterfield Schools and Randolph-Macon College, Lindsay is proud to call Richmond home. In the years prior to planning activities and outings with her own children, she was a French teacher. During her tenure she earned accolades for her creative teaching style and ability to connect with her students. She now applies the skills she learned when she was planning student trips to France, to her own family adventures. She can’t wait to take her own children to France one day!
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